F De Leon Center Building, 1151 M.H. Del Pilar Street, Ermita, Manila

Cardiff Crewing Contact Numbers:

+632 516-0854, +632 516-4225, +632 516-5946

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  1. Homer Jake O. Azores says:

    Good day sir/mam would like to appy in your good manning agency olr bulk and general cargo experience 2yr wiper and 1yr olr sir/mam thank you and good day. God bless

  2. anu po coverage nang itest niu 4 marine engineering cadet? thnk you po..

  3. Argie M. Sumbong says:

    Good Day Sir. I am a fresh graduate sir and I would like to apply as an engine cadet.
    I graduated from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo, Iloilo City with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering in this year 2014. I know how to welding, operate lathe machine and also being familiar with the different types of machineries used on board.

    Thank you and Godbless you Sir.

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