Daniel Building, 470 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila

Centennial Transmarine Contact Numbers:

+632 525-2360, +632 525-2382, +632 523-4739, +632 523-4740 (Fax)


  1. noel sobremisana says:

    good day! i am interested to apply in your good agency/company as engine cadet wiper/oiler. I have 8 months experience on board as engine cadet in domestic vessel and 1 year experience in korean trawl vessel as oiler. I am willing to be your utility. Thank you

  2. Sir, good day!. I want to apply for 4E on one of your bulk carrier. I am a licensed OIC in marine engineering and currently on board in klaveness agency fleet. I am currently on board a specialized vessel termed ”CABU” which means chemical tanker/bulk carrier as a junior engineer. it is been my 2nd contract in the same position, totalled by 1 year sea service. I have 2 recommendations/ promotions from my last and latest vessel; ship’s stamped and signed by our shipboard management team yet my company can not afford to promote me due to only 6 vessel in their fleet.

    I am hoping to be accepted, so that by February I can report in to your good office.

    thank you

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